The information here is not medical advice and I am a normal layman speak only from my own experience I have at this point but of course give you further. There are also a few good sites on the Internet, of which I have a few performers with links here. Here you can find out in my opinion quite well.

From my point of view you do not need any special vaccinations carried out, if you are traveling to South Africa. The normal standard vaccinations that are recommended in Germany, you should always have, of course.

Jeffreys Bay and around Jeffreys Bay and the Garden Route is not a malaria area respectively. So do not worry about this when visiting the cottage The Gem
Malaria prophylaxis is quite sure to check with your doctor if you plan to visit the Kruger National Park.

It should be noted as warning that South Africa is a country that suffers quite severely from AIDS. The normal tourists will certainly affect this bit.

Perhaps a few words about water. Drinking water in South Africa can often be a scarce commodity. Please therefore basically no water wastage. Important to you but should rather be whether you can drink the water. Although the water is generally safe to drink, I advise them to drink water from the tap. Our body is the South African bacteria and germs are not used and readily reacts with diarrhea in the drinking water from the tap. I recommend purified water filter systems either through drink or carbonated water from the supermarket. It is available in 1 liter or 3 liter containers. For longer stays in the house The Gem provides otherwise also buying a 20 liter canister, which is then provided with a tap.