Jeffreys Bay is a city in itself rather than to go shopping for recreation or shopping. Nevertheless, there are shops and of course you get easily everything you need.


There are several local supermarkets such as Spar or Checkers, which are open all 7 days a week. Usually to 19 to 20 of december in the clock or clock. The supermarkets are well stocked and you can find basically anything you need. The choice of meat for grilling is enormous. This is the cheese selection at German standards more clearly (gouda, cheddar, cottage cheese). The yogurts are all low fat. Normal fat content can be found not in fact. ūüôā It seems the American pseudo-health impact to be. Sorry, I’m already in good taste and value because it takes just a little fat in the yogurt.

The fruit and vegetable selection is also great. I recommend this just too time South African vegetables such as To purchase Butternut, Sweet Potato or Fruit Gem. In part, there are already pre-cut vegetables packaged in bags. Vegetables are still weighed batch of staff at the scale and vegetables labeled.

There are in the supermarket to buy the way, good wine and champagne. Wines can be purchased here safely. The are also more reasonably priced. The spirits departments are closed on Sundays though. Since no alcohol is sold.

In the supermarket credit cards are accepted without problems – so that the self is nothing in the way of narrowing Verso. The cost of shopping in the supermarket increased in recent years, unfortunately, so now lliegen now costs slightly higher than in Germany. However, one must admit, too honestly that you can buy anywhere in the supermarket as low, as in Germany. Therefore, this is not certain bad if you pay a little more in South Africa. Therefore be at the checkout after all the shopping bags are packed by the staff. A service that does just fine. Empty plastic shopping bags are the way in the house in the basket drawers in the kitchen. We always take yourself with bags from home when we go shopping.


Liquor Stores

Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages (Amarula – very tasty -, Campari, Bacardi, Martini, etc.) is sold in liquor stores. The beer is usually stored in cold rooms, and so can be bought fresh and cooled shortly after drinking too :-). Or just cool in the refrigerator until the later enjoyment. You also get antialkohlische drinks in Liquor Store.

Shopping mall

Even Jeffreys Bay has for some years now a shopping mall. About. 10 minutes drive from The Gem Here are clothes, furniture, food, banking, Telcom, find books, etc..

Gas Stations

In Jeffreys Bay, there are four gas stations (BP, Shell, Caltex, ..) have to open around the clock. Should not just be all the fuel in the evening, but also ice cream or charcoal or drinks or sweets are missing, then you can just as easily as in Germany also buy at the gas station.

√úbrignes: For those who want to use the fireplace in the house The Gem: At the gas stations you can buy ready to split wood. Together with the Trockenbrennstoffanz√ľndern (Flash, Safari, ..) which are used to Grillanz√ľnden, the fire in the fireplace will be going fast.

Smaller shops

In the city itself is worth the browsing but also time and again. There are some nice small shops, the interior, clothing, souvenirs, shells and surfing gear to sell including Board.

Internet cafes

For everyone who check their mails once per WLAN, there are two Internet cafes in J’bay. Or you go to one of the restaurants or cafes that offer free WiFi (eg, Potter Place, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A1 Kynaston, Infood, …).




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