The climate in Jeffreys Bay is particularly compatible and comfortable for northern Europeans. It is warm and not hot. In the nights it cools down so far that you can sleep wonderfully. The “standing heat”, as is known from many European high summer, there is not here. The ocean is also often a slight wind, which adds extra refreshment. Daytime temperatures are usually between 20 and 32 degrees. That the temperature in Jeffreys Bay is rising well above 30 degrees is not so common. And if the temperature is high time they do, the feeling certainly not an unpleasant feeling. Often we are surprised that the Termometer indicating a higher number of degrees than we had even suspected. All in all, a real feel-good climate!



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Sunrise and sunset in Jeffreys Bay

Basically, the days you spend in the House The Gem, to be blessed with an earlier sunset, when you are so used to in Northern Europe. In July / August, the South African winter, the sun sets at 18.00 clock. In December / January, the South African summer, at 19.30 clock. Twilight is also significantly shorter than in northern Europe. But this is all pure habituation thing and the days in South Africa are of course still gorgeous.

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