I would like you on this page offer some information and links for travel within South Africa.

Basically, South Africa is more of a driver-land. Here, incidentally, on the left. Traveling by train is not accessible and can use the rail network in Europe compete in any way. For all but the roads are well constructed and above all, very pleasant to drive us stress free. And you go through opbendrein still a really nice landscape, which is fun to visit right and left, or simply time to stop, because you have found a nice vantage point.
In general, you will probably take a rental car at the airport and then travel indidividuell. It represented all the major car rental companies and we know even in South Africa. What are the two providers available in Jeffreys Bay, are shown below.

Those who wish can also be picked up from the airport and Port Elizabteh The Gem can be accommodated. Costs about 500 rand. We would organize for you. Depending on how the holiday is long, it can pay off, then on the spot to rent a small car, which does not need to be transported all the luggage and the arrival and departure to / from the airport then to book a taxi service.

Who wants to travel from Jeffreys Bay can continue to do so by bus, car or plane. Here are some links:

Taxi in Jeffreys Bay

J-Bay Cabs
Airport Transfers, Town to Town Transfers, Taxi Jeffreys Bay, St. Francis Bay and Suttounds
Tel.: 083 / 61 11 003

Jeffreys Bay Call-A-Cab
Tel.: 073 / 970 78 10

There is a kind of line coach, traveling from Johannesburg to Cape Town. This bus stops in the neighboring town of Jeffreys Bay, in Humansdorp. One can thus take a bus from Jeffreys Bay, Cape Town for a few days after a trip. Some guests have already been successfully used.


Car Rental / Car Rental
In Jeffreys Bay, there are two rental stations:

– Avis

– Europcar

Maybe two more features that you can remember next to the left-hand traffic in itself:

– Traffic lights are called in South Africa not ‘traffic lights’, but ‘robots’

– There are many intersections with each road having a stop sign. Who has right of way? It’s simple: The one who arrives first and is first in his car came to a halt, may also go ahead first. No matter from which direction he comes from and what direction he wants to go. This may sound strange at first once. But be assured: This system works perfectly, quickly and fairly. I myself have become a real fan of that and would wish such a priority system for Europe at some intersections.


To get from Europe to Jeffreys Bay, one uses so usually a plane (an alternative would of course be a boat trip).
The two airports, customs, and thus entry portals in South Africa, are Johannesburg and Cape Town. On one of these airports, you would arrive. In Johannesburg or Cape Town, you would have to collect your luggage, go through customs and then go to the domestic flights terminal. From there, you still need a domestic flight to Port Elizabeth.

There is next to the South African Airways and other carriers, such as Comair (BA), the domestic offer. When the distances that lie between the cities, can fly quite worthwhile.

  SA Express


  South African Airways

Comair (Britsh Airways)


For a general arrival or departure route: The house is indeed on The Gem of the Garden Route, which stretches from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. It pays to go to the Garden Route and once at multiple locations to make station. Because you should be happy for about 1 week einrechnen. Therefore, it can be a nice idea, first via Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth to fly and then acclimatise with South Africa at The Gem and then from The Gem of the car in a few days, the Garden Route abzufahren towards Cape Town and then finally with 2 fly back nights in Cape Town and Cape Town. Either directly or from Cape Town to Johannesburg and then from there into the home.


If you in a larger group or family traveling, it can be a cost point of possibly an international flight worth up and down Kapstatd book (there are some real cheap flight tickets) and then with a big car (eg VW bus) within a then the day to drive about 670 km from Cape Town to Jeffreys Bay. Then, although Meitwagenkosten come for 1 day and fuel costs to all the time but can be cheaper than 4 or 6 tickets from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Stop for a time-cost-cost calculation.



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