The Jeffreys Bay beach invites all guests of the holiday home The Gem to bathing, swimmimng, surfing, jogging, relaxing, sun bathing, shell collecting and much more. 30 kilometers of pure sand beach offer you broad possibilities of enjpying life at the Indian Ocean water side.

For Europeans, the rest is mostly pleasant unusual on the beach. There are relatively few people on the beach. Some strollers, sometimes. Dog with a few other Sonnenbade-/Plantsch or bathers, 1 or 2 anglers, possibly even a jogger or a surfer Parasol and towel storage One looks in vain for happiness.

The sand is fine and interspersed with small shell remnants. Some beach areas are small rocks near the shore, so that even more shells can be found.

The beach area below the cottage known as The Gem “Jeffreys Bay area Kabeljous Wavecrest” and for the surfers as “surf break albatross”.

Blue Flag Beach
The Kouga region is home to some of the best swimming and surfing beaches in the world. Dolphin Beach at Jeffreys Bay is internationally recognised for its Blue Flag status. The Blue Flag is awarded annually to beaches that achieve high standards in environmental management, environmental education, safety and security, water quality and facilities.






  Learn how to surf
Jeffreys Bay surf school
Tel.: 042 / 293 42 14
Fax: 042 / 293 25 86
Cell: 082 / 324 72 84
  Learn how to surf
Andrew Moon (nice guy)
+27 / (0) 73 / 509 04 00
two hours lesson ca. 200,- Rand (incl. wetsuit and board)
  Learn surfing
Ettien Venters Surf-Camp
ca. 45,- Euro pro Tag
10 Dageraad Street, Jeffreys Bay
Tel.: +27 / (0) 42 / 293 42 14

Kite Boarding

Learn the basics of kite boarding in Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay. Keen learners from all over the world come here to experience the perfect waves and adrenalin rush. Dedicated and skilled instructors teach beginners the techniques in no time at all.

Tel.: +27 / (0) 42 / 293 39 44
Tel.: +27 / (0) 82 / 507 888




Along the beach wandering is already pleasure in itself. At low tide you can find many beautiful shells and other flotsam. It is a pleasure here again and again to find a few personal treasures and then to take them home as a beautiful memory.



Aston Bay, Marina Martinique, Jeffreys Bay
Tel.: +27 / (0) 42 / 296 29 74
oder +27 / (0) 42 / 296 29 74  
oder +27 / (0) 72 / 294 82 07


Whale watching (July to October)

With any luck you have a good chance to see whales in the beautiful bay front of the holidy home The Gem in Jeffreys Bay. These huge animals are sometimes very close up to the beach, so you would want to swim near to them (which you should not do, of course!).



Scuba Diving
DIVE SCHOOL , Ocean Adventures – Marthinus v.d. Westhuizen
Tel.: +27 / (0) 73 / 130 06 89


Pro Dive in Port Elizabeth
189 Main Road
Port Elizabeth
Tel.: +27 / (0) 41 / 581 11 44
Cell: +27 / (0) 83 / 656 84 85


Scuba Diving
J’Bay Underwater Club
Tel.: +27 / (0) 72 / 7555 125



Bubble Blasters
Tel.: +27 / (0) 82 / 213 63 35

Sharks on the beach in Jeffreys Bay?

One question that arises many probably, is whether there are sharks and whether it is dangerous, therefore, in Jeffreys Bay to swim.

Times in general: Worldwide 2011 only 12 people have been injured by sharks deadly. People there have been attacks on 2011 75 Total Basically gehörzt South Africa can also be counted among the regions in which to shark attacks. However, the question really is, how likely is it that a shark attack in this world already low numbers of all one should take themselves.
Shark attacks can occur practically all over the world, however, focus mainly on a few specific beaches and coastal areas. The attack focuses worldwide are probably call: the east coast of Australia, Amanzimtoti in South Africa (which is close to Durban and is therefore NOT Jeffreys Bay!), The California coast of the United States and as a leader, the coast of Florida in the U.S. South.

Jeffreys Bay is a surfer hotspot but certainly not a shark hotspot:

A little knowledge about sharks and shark accidents:


Reporting of shark accidents is often more lurid than the reality:


The top 10 of the most dangerous shark species:—platz-4-bis-1-a86416

I can exclude the risk of Haiunfalls not – as well. I can only say that I have in the last 10 years seen a single shark in Jeffreys BAy – that is subjective. Moreover, swimming is on the beach in Jeffreys Bay, but mostly due to the more powerful waves more of a splash and play with the water and the surf near the beach, so quickly at a auftauchendem Hai secure country can be achieved.






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