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Emergency numbers inSouth Africa

Police               10111

Ambulance     10177

Fire Brigade      042 / 291 02 50

Poison Centre:   021 / 689 52 27


National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)

Emergency number – Port Elizabeth Port Control:   041 / 507-1911

after hours

MTN Sea Rescue Station 37, Jeffreys Bay: 079 / 916 0390

Andrew Ingram 082 / 990 5977,

Meriel Bartlett 082 / 9947555 or

Craig Lambinon 082 /380 3800 are available after hours should you require our assistance.

Head office: 1 Glengariff Road, Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Postal: PO Box 27700, Rhine Road Post Office, Sea Point, 8050
Tel: +27 21 434 4011     Fax: +27 21 434 1661
Email: info@searescue.org.za
After hours: Craig Lambinon 082 380 3800 or Meriel Bartlett 082 994 7555



NSRI Jeffreys Bay @ facebook



The flag of South Africa










The colorful and become quite well known South African flag was introduced on 04.27.1994. It was designed by Fred Brownell, and reflects her Farbenfröhlichkeit the diversity of the country in every respect.

When was the introduction of the new flag in 1994 to realize an explanation of the symbolism of the colors omitted, this should be left to the viewer.

The design and color are a summary of the history of Flag of South Africa. The colors and the combination of colors is aware but do not have a special symbolism.

The central green stripe running together in the form of a horizontal “Y” symbolizing the newfound unity of the country after the end of apartheid. “Unity is Strength” is the motto of the flag. The green also stands for the country itself and for hope.

Red, white and blue are the colors of the white population, so the Boers and the former colonial power Britain. The red stands next to the blood that was spilled during the liberation struggle, the two oceans, and blue for the sky and the white for the white population and for peace.

Black, green and yellow are the colors of the African movements, such as the African National Congress (ANC) and Inkatha Freedom Party, as well as in Africa. Here, the black represents the black majority, the green of the natural resources and the yellow (or gold) for the mineral wealth.



Tasty beer in South Africa

 Besides wine there is also very tasty beer in South Africa. My personal recommandation from The Gem holiday home is Windhoek  
 beer. It comes from Namibia and is brewed according to German Reinheitsgebot.

 If you are interested to visit the website, go to: www.windhoekbeer.co.za



Some historical background information about Jeffreys Bay




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