Restaurants Jeffreys Bay

There really is plenty of choice of good and decent restaurants in Jeffreys Bay. Although the cottage The Gem has a full kitchen, you can go basically every day food and enjoy the variety of different restaurants and deals. It certainly will not be bored. In our experience, the service is friendly everywhere. Children also tend to be much more welcome than in comparison to restaurants, for example, in Germany. Often there Kiddies Corner or you just do not bother, when children run around. This is then ‘relaxed Africa’ and not ‘stressed out’ Europe.

In fact all the restaurants you can pay by credit card. Please always remember to tip for the service with. This is also on the bill always indicative. The operation is thus obtained, from the tip, their pay. Maybe the waitresses are therefore always so friendly :-).

  3 Fat Fish
Very pleasantly furnished fresh. Really delicious food. Pizza (very good), fish (great) and meat (delicious). Leave room for dessert – yummy too! For appetizer like a cocktail – does not cost much. Wines compared to other restaurants chosen rather more expensive but good.

27 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys Bay 6330
Tel: 042/293 41 47
  Kitchen Windows Restaurant
Quite comfortable, with large window walls in the back porch facing the lake. In the inner part of a fireplace if it should be cooler. Fish plate is recommended. Friendly service. A little rustic. Cocktails taste.
Ferreira Street / 23 Diaz Road Jeffreys Bay 6330
Tel: 042/293 42 30 or 083/409 66 55 or 072/111 75 16
  The Mexican
Quite tasty and good. With small beer and cocktail bar. The cocktails are pretty good. Absolutely recommended. Sometimes if you just want what drinking and smoking.
Da Gama Road 19a (via “Country Feeling” corner shop, with wooden stairs), Jeffreys Bay,
Tel: 042/293 29 66 or 079/495 73 41
Credit cards: Yes
South African food. In addition to saving. Still not actually tried, but it should be good. Only open during the day, i.e. allow time for lunch.
110 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys Bay
Tel: 042/293 15 55
    The Ocean Mill Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Food quite OK. Nice to sit outside on the overhead balcony with great views of the ocean. Just once in the late afternoon / early evening to go and drink a beer or a bottle of wine.
Main Beach, Jeffreys Bay (upstairs shell museum complex)
Tel: 042/293 20 28

nina’s real food

From the outside is, a bit unimpressive, nina’s restaurant embedded in the row of shops around Spar. It’s a full day restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well worth a visit anyway. Inside, a pleasant market hall atmosphere with high ceilings and a central bar counter. The food variety is of South African curry, about Italian Pizza and Pasta, meat and fish to Thai curry. Very tasty and solid food.

16 Wavecrest Spar Centre
Da Gama Road
Jeffreys Bay
Tel.: 082 / 32 11 585
Here you can sometimes good “continental” breakfast. Is just a fast food restaurant, but with service. In the morning you can choose between different breakfast place settings and even the partially set themselves together. Lunch is also good for a steak, etc. – is always freshly prepared. The children feel at home here.
Giedehoop Street, Jeffreys Bay
Tel: +27 / (0) 42/293 17 27


Since then we have children, we judge Spur as a perfect place to eat. Why? The grilled burgers taste really nice and – most important – the children are being looked after by a nanny in an extra room where they can play swings, climbing or Playstation. Perfect. We walk together to the restaurant, choose, what each of us wants to eat, drink and just afterwards the children are gone to play. Than we adults can choose for ourselves undisturbed and order and entertaine us. If the food is ready, the children will range up and it is eaten together. Then again to play and rest for us. 🙂 (Spur-special: Kids eat for free on Wednesdays – Condition: Per 1 full paid adult meal = 1 child’s meal for free!)
You can of course also go withot any children to Spur. Food is perfectly fine.

Time Square Building, 1st Floor, Jeffreys Bay (Diaz Road 23)
The pizzas here are really very recommended!
Da Gama Road, Jeffreys Bay,
Tel: 042/293 22 88
  The Sunflower Restaurant
Small cafe and restaurant with a little hippy flair. Food quite OK. Why not even go there?
Da Gama Road 20, Jeffreys Bay
Tel: 042/293 16 82
  The Greek
There are no gyros, but delicious pizzas and Greek food. Very friendly, very tasty. A convivial atmosphere. Half-open tent with walls that protect against wind. Recommended. For lunch or dinner. Have not been disappointed.
Intersection Da Gama / Beverland, Jeffreys Bay 6330
Phone: George: 083/287 64 06 & Anne: 083/226 58 26
  De Viswijf Restaurant
At the end of Diaz Road Jeffreys Bay
Is it very good eating fish. Atomosphäre nice. Inside, several tables looks empty, but it’s worth to definitely stay and savor the food.
Has large balcony overlooking the waterfront. Even semi-enclosed balcony, which is protected from the wind. Very nice evening. Well worth a visit.
Closed on Sundays.

55 Diaz Road
Jeffreys Bay 6330
Tel.: 042 / 293 39 21
Fax: 042 / 293 39 21
27 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys Bay
Tel: 042/293 24 43 or 083/445 03 50
Open evening on the following days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
During the day, open every day.

Pizza from Debonairs

Pizza is decent for the cozy, relaxing evening in a cottage there as The Gem at Debonairs.

J’Bay Order Hotline: 042/293 33 98 (shipping is free)

You can also submit trouble free online or order via app.

Address: The Main Beach Centre, Cnr Da Gama & Oosterland Street, Jeffreys Bay

Cafés/Mittagsrestaurants in Jeffreys Bay




Potter’s Place
A nice coffee shop, where there are lunches. Tasty and good rich coffee cake. A little mixed with Arts & Crafts. Once or twice a month, also with live music (for a completely acceptable entry).

Unconditional tip here, if time allows, take a live music. Kartten per person cost as about 100 rim. You can be there about 18.00/18.30 h, beautiful food in a rustic presentation space (barn-character). Very nicely decorated. And 19.30 h or 20.00 h, then starts the music. The press will continue, so that you get with Beirne and wine throughout the evening. (After that then the Mexican for a nightcap cocktail).

Potter also has free wireless internet access. Ask Callie for the monthly changing access password.

Oosterlandstraat, Jeffreys Bay

Tel: 042/293 25 00
  In Food / Deli
Very tasty modern food (Thai, etc.) and good coffee.
More for lunch. Highly recommended.
14 Schelde Street, Jeffreys Bay 6330
Tel: 042/293 18 80

Aston Bay / Marina Martinique (10-12 minutes):

  Tapas Bar
Aston Bay / Marina Martinique (close to Jeffreys Bay)
Very nice restaurant with a quaint fishing nets and sand inside. Good food. Only open in the evening.
Tel: 0027 / (0) 28/312 48 40
Quaint restaurant with rustic decor, sandy soil, food from the grill, very very nice for lunch outside, and if it’s not too windy, overlooking the sea (just 5-10 meters). Closed on Mondays.
Aston Bay / Marina Martinique (close to Jeffreys Bay)
Tel: 042/292 00 05 or 082/800 94 78 Philip or Grace
  The Portuguese Restaurant
Rustic restaurant. Nice and tasty.
Directions: Simply drive along the main road to Aston Bay. Aston Bay in place then about in the middle of the village on the main road on the right side.

St. Francis (35-45 minutes)

St. Francis Center
A good kitchen. Steak, fish, pizza.
Overlooking the small harbor.
Amex, Euro Card, Visa


Cafes in Humansdorp (15-20 minutes)


  Le Cameleon – daytime restaurant
R 102 on the main road coming from behind the sign J Bay Humansdorp approximately 600 meters on the right side (next to Agricultur dealer). Even well before the stop street intersection.
Very nice cafe. If only open to the normal business opening times. I.e. it is recommended that in the morning for breakfast, lunch or lunch again in the afternoon (15.00 h) for coffee and cake.
It has a slightly plush lobby, with very nice decoration items, gifts and also a nice courtyard with a small fountain. The food is delicious and the service very recommended freundlich.Abslut. Lovingly decorated.
53 Voortrekker Street, Humansdorp, 6300
Tel: +27 / (0) 42/291 02 62

Port Elizabeth (60-70 minutes)

     There is a quite good website about Port Elizabeth and its restaurants. Please have a look at that website:

  The Boardwalk Beachfront
Which is a separate area with secure parking. You get in the driveway at the gate a free parking ticket, which is the driving away to give back. This parking ticket is best “to worst” bear, as a car only comes out when the driver can show a parking ticket.
There are several restaurants on the premises on which an artificial lake. A Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Steakhouse, Italian, fast food, etc.. There are also a cinema, a casino and several shops on the premises. The shops here are open until 22.00 clock.

Is definitely worth a visit. It does best in Port Elizabeth, towards the airport. At the airport, then right past, and from there on towards the “Casino”. The signs for “Casino” to the end, then you are there.
Tel: 041/507 77 77

By the way: In South Africa it is also not allowed to smoke in the restaurant. If you still not want to forgo the usual enjoyment, we recommend electric cigarette smoker from smart. Take a look at the website:



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